Moveo & Alexandrite (755nm)

Moveo Technology . Simply Extraordinary !

DEKA has developed a new technology intended to revolutionise the world of laser hair removal.

What is Motus AX Laser System?

  • Motus AX is a fast and high power laser platform for Hair Removal treatments.It is equipped with two complementory wavelengths,755nm Alexandrite 1064 nm Nd:YAG that penerates deeper into the skin for better.
  • Technology with
    Infinite Potential

    Innovative robotic physical therapy system integrating AI for tailored rehabilitation. Alexandrite (755nm): Laser tech emitting at 755nm wavelength, widely used for efficient hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and tattoo removal in dermatology and cosmetic fields.

    How will Motus AX benefit as compared to other laser systems?

    Motus AX is suitable for all type of skin colour, hair and thickness of hair, may it be fine or fair. Moveo utilizes an Alexandrite(755 nm ) wavelength that successfully targets and treats even fine, light brown hair. Motus AX Moveo technology is painless hair removal procedure. Motus AX offers better speed and safety than conventional machines. Laser handpiece means that heat felt on the surface of the skin is greatly reduced lending to a more pleasant experience. Energy is delivered gradually into the skin to the target hair allowing it to heat in a safe controlled way without side effect to the surrounding skin tissue

    What is the unique technological advantage in Motus AX ?

    Motus AX comes with Moveo AX technology which consists of multiple passes over small defined areas. This causes gradual heating and destruction of unwanted hairs. The procedure is virtually painless and with virtually zero side effects. Treatments are :

  • Easier
  • Faster
  • Safer
  • More effective…… And
  • Virtually Pain free!
  • What is  Alexandrite Laser ?

    Alexandrite has long been considered the Gold Standard for hair removal and is stated so by the FDA. It utilizes the most efficient wavelength to target the pigment (melanin) in hair follicles that sit deep in the skin. The energy delivered by this wavelength heats up and destroys the hair preventing re-growth. However, because Alexandrite targets pigment (melanin), it is traditionally only suitable for the treatment of hair removal on fair skin as darker skin contains far more of the same pigment that can be targeted and damaged by this wavelength.

    The Effectiveness of Technological Innovation

    The energy emitted by a laser system with wavelength visible and near infrared radiation is largely reflected by the skin. The graph below shows the reflectivity of the skin at various wavelengths and melanin content.
    For instance, the 755 nm Alexandrite laser wavelength demonstrates the percentage of reflection 40% with melanin content of 8% (corresponds to phototype III) is over 50%. This is a significant portion of energy lost during the treatment, which cannot be used for therapeutic purposes.
    This is due to the high variation of reflectance between the skin and the surrounding air. The Moveo handpiece was designed to solve this problem.

    DEKA has developed a technology using a sapphire tip that drastically reduces the amount of energy reflected by the skin, with an efficiency that has never been seen until now.

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